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Searching for a rare gift?

Introducing the Of the Moment Collection: an exclusive, hand-curated collection that is true to the Urban Details brand.

The items found in Of the Moment are beautiful, inspired, and theme driven. A new collection released a few times a year.

You'll find rare treasures for your home, soul, and loved ones inside. Take a peek...

White sapphire and labradorite earrings by Michelle Pressler
Pink Quartz and turquoise queen bee by Tashka by Beatrice
Moonstone Queen Bee Earrings by Tashka by Beatrice
Penny Necklace by Tashka by Beatrice

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Summer Earrings

Summer Jewelry Trends

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but when it comes to jewelry, everyone has their own personal preference. However, if there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that no outfit will ever truly be complete without it...
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joy, love & forgiveness...

joy, love & forgiveness...

Great Quotes from 2020 Presidential Hopeful,
Marianne Williamson...

(We're not getting political, or supporting any candidate,  we just wanted to share some beautiful quotes)

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Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter?

Does size matter? We’ll I guess it depends on what you are talking about. If we’re talking about clothes, of course, size maters, if we’re talking about other things, well that may just be a personal preference, but if we’re talking about gifts, does size really matter or is the impact what really matters?
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