Ceramic Heart with 'i am grateful' stamped into the surface.

Being Grateful

Gratitude is my life mantra. I have Colleen Attara's scripted grateful on my bathroom mirror, I created an UD Grateful t-shirt and wear it often to remind myself to be grateful for everything - which sometimes isn't easy.  I look for the lesson when things happen - good and bad - because when there is a lesson, there is gratitude. 

The other day, a pipe was leaking and I called our plumber. He explained a valve had cracked, and unfortunately, he didn't have the necessary part to fix it and would need to come back 1.5 days later. 

Hours later, my husband and I were getting ready for bed, he attempted to turn the water on at the pipe - no water! Apparently, I misunderstood.  I thought we would have the ability to control the water from the pipe in the house, however, the water was shut off at the street as no water was coming into the house. 

I panicked for a brief moment, regained composure and thought "how bad could it be without water for 40 hours?"  Both my husband and I were working the following day and had plans in the evening.  We wouldn't be home very often during that 40 hour period, so we should be fine, I thought!  WELL, I was sooooo wrong!  Living without water is SO difficult, even for such a short time! We felt like we were camping in our home.  We couldn't flush toilets, wash hands (tons of hand sanitizer, but still!) rinse off a dish, make a cup of tea or coffee.  We didn't realize how much we took for granted the simple convenience of running water and how many times my husband and I unconsciously turned on the faucet.  I was so grateful to see the plumber back at my home and so appreciative to have water flowing again...

...So the next time you turn on a faucet, be grateful, because life is much easier and cleaner with water! Today, look for the seemingly little things, which in reality are tremendous things and be grateful.

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