Holiday Joy, Holiday Commitments, Holiday Stress...How do you Handle it All?

Holiday Joy, Holiday Commitments, Holiday Stress...How do you Handle it All?

Lets talk about the holidays. Are they stressful? Family drama? Too many commitments? Not enough time to see everyone you want to spend time with?

Do they make you sad? Anxious?

What about your family traditions? Do you have any? Do you enjoy them or is it just what you’ve been doing?

As I get older, I notice that the younger generation doesn’t really adhere to traditions as I did growing up and it makes me a little sad.  Have you noticed any changes in your holiday traditions?

As a I reflect on 2018 coming to an end and getting ready to begin 2019, I stop and pause to reflect on how I can make this special time of the year less stressful and be more present.  My family traditions are changing, I realize I need to accept these changes regardless of whether or not I want to.

So this year, my goal is to be present for each gathering during the holiday season and really enjoy the time I spend with loved ones.  Although the traditions are changing, I will focus on enjoying the moment and having a festive loving holiday season.  I wish you and your family the same.  Some of the products below can help achieve this goal! 

A few suggestions to help reduce stress:

  • Pinch me dough - reduce stress in a pinch!
  • Cuddle up after a busy day in these cozy robes and cozy socks
  • Aromatherapy candles - light candle, breath, relax... repeat.
  • Sleep is also hard to come by this time of the year, these eye masks are so helpful in providing a relaxing restful sleep.
  • How about perfect smelling and burning candles – these wonderful scented candles burn clean, no black soot, no headaches from the scent, and a festive smelling home.  

Urban Details wishes you and yours a loving, joyful holiday season and a happy New Year!

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