Necessities for the New Normal

Necessities for the New Normal

What's your quarantine routine? If you're like me, your hair has been pulled back in a clip and your nails/ hands are dry and haven't been pampered by a professional in a long time. Unfortunately, it’s not looking like your going to see your stylist or manicurist in the near future.

The love we are showing our hands these days is very different - soap and water for 20 seconds, anti-bacterial sanitizer, and bleach-filled wipes...And while these are necessary, they take a toll on your hands and nails.  Which has probably lead to your nails chipping and cracking.  Urban Details can help...

Have you tried our glass nail files? They are AMAZING! They never dull, they leave a smooth finish on your nails (as opposed to an emery board or sand-paper nail file which leaves the nails with a rough edge that needs to be buffed).  They are made in the USA they’re pretty and artistic.  Three sizes are available.  The small is perfect for babies' nails, as well as prefect to carry in a handbag. 

art glass nail files

The medium size is the same as regular files, and the large works wonders on dry skin.  These are truly amazing files!!

For your hair, try these fancy ponytail holders...


Gemstone Water for Wellness, Love, Harmony & Balance - change the energy of your water everyday!

Emotionally you may need a boost.  The message on this pillow is an instant mood lifter "You Matter" simple but effective message. I have mine on my bed and each time I enter my bedroom the message yells out to me and makes me smile :)

You Matter kashwere pillow


To help you with your groceries, this cotton market bag can be washed after each use and comes in several fun colors!


 Whatever your quarantine routine, Urban Details is always here to help with products, inspiration and support.

Be well, stay safe


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