New Year, New Decade, New You

New Year, New Decade, New You

Are you seeing commercials for diet programs, gym membership, or exercise equipment?     
Why all the Pressure to make goals?
Does any of this resonate?
Does Planing / Goal Setting Really Make a difference?
Does the process matter?

I don't much like the word resolutions.  I'm not very good at sticking to them.  It's like giving up things for lent (religious reference).  I'm always well intended, but after a few days or a week, I lose my mojo and there go my well intended resolutions. 

Last weekend, I met with a group of wonderfully powerful women and we did just that.  We started to plan for 2020, but we did it a little differently.  Rather than just focusing on the goals and resolutions for 2020, we began by reflecting over the high-lights and low-lights of 2019.

Initially, I wondered why should we re-hash the low times?  Don't we want to forget the hard times and look forward with bright optimism? 

However, I was open to the process and soon found the enormous benefits of acknowledging the trials and tribulations of the past year, as well as sharing our accomplishments.  

The format was simple, we sat in a cozy room and allowed each beautiful soul to share their inner most feelings, situations and tough times while the rest of us sat listening, holding space with love and support.

Hearing everyone's lows had a significant impact on the group as a community  - our hearts grew with empathy, love and appreciation.  Another unexpected benefit was the the person speaking was able to let go of the hurt, humiliation and pain of the moment.  It was at these times that each of us was able to truly let go, love ourselves, support ourselves, and honor ourselves realizing once we shared, each of us felt lighter.  We also realized, we are our worst critic...for no good reason.  Sharing our accomplishments allowed our inner light to shine bright. 

We are gathering again in a few weeks to discuss 2020 and our intentions and how we want to feel during this year.  I look forward to the new way to plan my year, from a feeling perspective.

What about you?  Are you ready to forgive yourself and release yourself from whatever burdens you tied to yourself?  

Lighten up, let go and move into this decade with a fresh unburdened you!  How do you want to feel this year?  This decade?


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Wishing you a productive, prosperous and peaceful new decade.

I appreciate you.




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