With Prayers and Blessings

With Prayers and Blessings

If you’re like me you are watching the news asking when and how this chaos is going to stop. It’s very upsetting. I find myself asking what can I do in this moment to feel better, to feel safer, to feel more peace. While this is a daily (sometimes minute by minute) challenge I have decided to reach out to the men and women in blue that protect us on a daily basis to let them know they are supported.

I'm sending the Angel Blessing Ring to several Police Departments around the country along with a letter to let them know people are praying for them.


Blessing Ring

So far I’ve send these letters/ rings to LA, Seattle, NY, Minneapolis and my local police departments, as well as a few supportive organizations such as Wounded Blue.


Angel Blessing Rings for police

If you would like me to forward an angel blessing ring to your local police department or agency, please contact me at Kelly@Urban-Details.com with the address of where to send, and I will gladly send it out.

Spread the love!

Let’s support our men and women in blue who spend their lives defending our freedom.

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