Updated: With Prayers & Blessings

Updated: With Prayers & Blessings

Since my last blog post, I wanted to update you on my latest project.  I sent out about 30 more letters to Police Departments around the country. to let them know there are many people around the country praying for their safety, well being and respect the work they do. 

To date, I have mailed about 50 angel blessings rings to Police Dept's around the USA.  I have sent these blessing rings to every NYPD Precinct in the 5 Boroughs as well as Minneapolis, Seattle, LA, Chicago, Albuquerque, my local Police Dept's and organizations that support our heroes in blue.

My intention was to spread kindness. 

What happened next, I never expected. I received letters back from the LAPD & NYPD.  I was beyond touched and became emotional reading their letters.  Knowing that my actions had impact was so powerful.

I will continue to send these letters to Police Dept's that I learn are struggling with rioters and/or poor leadership.



If you would like me to send a letter and angel blessing ring to any police or law enforcement agency, send me the address, and I'd be happy to spread the kindness.  Send the info to Kelly@Urban-Details.com

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