Virus - Myth, Hype, Political, End of the World???

Virus - Myth, Hype, Political, End of the World???

Virus Sale!

If you are breathing, you can't help but be inundated with coverage of this latest virus.  There is a part of me that feels there is so much hype around this.  The other side of me is a bit of a conspiracy theorist and thinks it's political ...but there is also part of me that wonders if I'm being naive, I'm sure I'm not alone in my many thoughts around this .... I guess in a few weeks, we'll all have more answers, but for now ...

My suggestion...Retail Therapy!

Keep Calm and Shop Urban Details!

 At Urban Details we believe that our overall wellbeing is also affected by happiness and want you to find some joy while shopping at our online boutique. As always, we are glad to assist you over the phone and send pictures through email. We ship anywhere within the continental US. We are happy to assist with a little retail therapy at these stressful times and always. 

To help allay your fears, we're offering a virus sale for our VIP e-mailing list customers (if you're not already a member, join here

Whether your'e looking for some Wellness, something Sparkly, something Cozy, or something for your home that speaks to your soul, we've got what you're looking for.

So while your home staying well, Enjoy 40% off your entire purchase at

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Be well & stay well,


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