What a Year it's Been, and it's only September!

What a Year it's Been, and it's only September!


2019 has been a year, so far! A year of a lot of unexpected events, ill parents, the death of a parent, and seeing people’s true colors, unfortunately, not in the best light – and that’s only in the first 8 months!

When this year began, I had a gut feeling it was going to be a good one. And although there’s been many bumps and obstacles, due to a lot of personal drama / emotions/ real life situations, staying focused on the lessons has helped me see the beauty of learning life lessons in difficult times.

In June my husband and I purchased a home, while this was an unexpected purchase, the opportunity presented itself and it apparently was meant to be because everything worked out smoothly – the negotiations, the closing, everything!

Afterwards, I began feeling overwhelmed, depleted, I needed a break and didn’t see a break in sight, all I saw ahead was busy times. If I did take a break, what would that look like? I was nervous that my customers would forget about me? It didn’t seem responsible, however, I knew it was necessary.

During a morning review of email, I opened a message that changed my perspective. My daily quote stated, “when you are tired, rest, don’t quit”. I took this as a personal message. I was depleted, and knew I needed to rest, and this was the universe talking to me…take a beak Kel, this has been a tough, emotional year with many big events. It’s time to rest, allow yourself that gift. Take care of yourself by resting. Enjoy the summer without the “have to’s” hanging over your head. Just rest, and when you feel better you will know when it’s time to get back in the game.

So I listened…

The summer weeks flew by. I surrounded my soul with love, sunshine, and laughter. I visited with loved ones, spent time at the beach, rested, laughed and truly enjoyed the summer. In doing so, I was able to refocus.

In August I went to NYC for market – shopping for fall and Holiday.  I wasn’t sure how it would go because I was less engaged than in year’s prior. Well, after 2 days of shopping, I was more inspired than ever.  Labor Day weekend I spent time at the beach, hiking in the mountains and resting on my deck. Taking time for me was the best medicine. So I’m here to tell you

When you are tired, rest. Don’t quit!

Today, I'm refocused, ready to bring you a carefully curated selection of gifts for you and others. 

In addition to all the amazing items I ordered, the item I’m most excited about is the Gem Water from market! The water composition actually changes due to the crystal energy in the bottle!! I LOVE IT!

Wellness Gem Water


 Gem water wellness 

I also found beautiful jewelry from Michelle Pressler – she paired carnelian and pyrite, the combo is stunning and a charm bracelet that takes your breath away!!! Tashka by Beatrice had many fun new pieces including heart charm jewelry. Cozy pj’s and robes make great gifts. Also, many new stocking stuffer items. And while the holidays seem so far away, they’ll be here before you know it! Check our website often as new items will be added regularly!


Urban Details Pop-Up has been scheduled for September 28-29 at the Johnson House in Spring Lake, NJ. All of these new items will be on display. We look forward to seeing you this season.

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