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What's New at Urban Details

What's New at Urban Details

I’m very excited to bring you the Urban Details Collections!

For years, the retail industry has been changing. Since the recession, retailers big and small have been evaluating their businesses, trying to assess what consumers are looking for. As a small independent retailer, I’ve been blessed with the ability to create, re-create and tweak my business as necessary to keep up with shopping trends. For 12 years, I operated a brick and mortar and it was a great run, however, I saw where retail was going, so I closed the brick and mortar to continue to stay relevant in the retail world. Not to compete with large ecommerce outlets like amazon, but to find my niche in the online world.  An interesting thing I’ve been noticing is that with so many products out there for consumers to purchase, the variety, uniqueness, and quality seem to have suffered dramatically.

My goal is to create an online ecommerce boutique that provides customers with a personal experience, a selection of tastefully curated, made in the USA, uncommon quality items that are not saturated in the marketplace.  I set the bar high with what I sell at Urban Details, so you can be assured you’re purchasing quality and items you won’t find all over.  I stand by the products I sell, as do my designers.

To stay on top of what’s happening in the retail world, I do a lot of research, and notice people today like options presented often. Some companies offer subscriptions, I don’t believe in having to pay for a service when you don’t know what you’ll get out of it. However, I do understand the need to keep your business fresh and exciting.  And so, today I’m announcing the “Of the Moment” Collection. This small hand-selected collection will be theme driven and interesting, true to the UD brand - quality, beauty and most of all uncommon. Each collection has something for your home, kids (human and furry!) and of course you

You may have noticed that our new updated website is organized in collections 

 Classic Urban Details, WOW!, Of the MOMENT and UD Outlet

  • The Classic Collection
    Everything you’ve always loved about Urban Details – designers, products, inspiration, is all in this collection. You can view the entire collection or sort by category – women, men, kids, home, etc. For example candles are located in home & soul; bath scrubbies are located in women and men…
  • The WOW! Collection 
    Is exactly that! Beautiful, uncommon pieces that make you say WOW! when you see them. Many of the items in this collection are one-of-a-kind, so don’t wait to purchase because it may be gone!
  • The Of the MOMENT Collection 
    Newest Collection! I’m very excited about this! These are small-curated collections that are true to the UD brand.  Each hand-selected item is cool, interesting, beautiful and theme driven.  A new collection will be released approximately every 8 weeks. Our first Collection's theme is "All About Urban Details".
  • The UD Outlet 
    Our last call clearance shop – products are marked down at least 50% usually more, and stock is limited. Don't hesitate when you see something you like at the UD Outlet, it may be gone if you don't order when you see it.  All items are final sale.

I hope you enjoy these collections as much I have enjoyed selecting them for you. As always if you have any questions or comments, you can reach me at Kelly@Urban-Details.com

Be well,


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