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Cottage with Oak Trees Framed (9x9)* Best Seller!

Few images evoke as many strong emotions as that of home - it's where the heart is after all. Home can be defined many ways.  Home doesn't always mean a structure, it could be people whom you are very comfortable and enjoy spending time with.  It could be a favorite song, or favorite view.  However you define home, this beautiful and whimsical wall decor handmade in California is signed and titled "Home is Where the heart can sing...".

Great gift for new home, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, etc!

Framed pewter pieces by artist, Cynthia Webb.  Mat individually signed and titled by the artist.  

Specifics: Frame is 9" X 9", comes with a descriptive titled label "Home is where your heart can sing..." , gift tag, and hanger on frame back. 

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