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About Urban Details

Urban Details is a designer gift boutique, specializing in thoughtfully curated collections of exceptional jewelry and gifts from today’s most exciting and influential designers. Our collections are synonymous with the finest in quality, craftsmanship, and style.

What is Urban Details?

Urban Details is Quality. We source artisan-made jewelry and gifts, handcrafted from select metals, materials and gemstones.

Urban Details is Positive Energy. Every item is personally and thoughtfully selected to uplift the spirit and touch the soul. The energy of anything made by a human hand cannot be replicated.

Urban Details is Craftsmanship. We are an American lifestyle brand that supports designers that produce their collections in the USA. We believe in small-batch collections, one-of-a-kind designs, and handmade, sustainable products.

Urban Details is Style. We are classic at heart with a dash of trendy and sleek modernity. We believe that style magic is in this mix and good taste never goes out of style.

Urban Details is Integrity. We stand by all the products we sell and offer outstanding customer service. Knowing our customers have many choices when shopping, we truly appreciate your business and will do everything to continue and grow our relationship.

Our Products

Urban Details is committed to offering the best in designer accessories and gifts through amazing design sensibility and top materials. Many of our gifts are often handmade, locally sourced, uncommon, small-batch, and hard-to-find.

Our designers believe in sustainability and, whenever possible, use recycled metals, conflict free stones, and ethically-sourced materials. We also offer a complimentary personal shopper service to assist and provide gift ideas to customers or potential customers.

Our Values

Urban Details is committed to products of the best quality, craftsmanship, beauty, and style. We believe in curation, focusing on quality over quantity. We believe in the designer, celebrating and elevating their brands. We believe in Made in America. We believe in exceptional customer service.

Our History

Urban Details | Kelly & David | Original Storefront & Interior

Kelly’s Story

My childhood dream was to run my own successful business. At age 15, I fantasized about opening a boutique with "amazing" fashions. At 18, I thought maybe an "amazing" card shop with unique gifts and gourmet candy. Upon graduating from college, however, I entered the corporate world and embraced the challenges ahead never realizing that I left my entrepreneurial dreams at bay.

Ten years later I was enjoying a successful career as a Vice President at a highly regarded Wall St. firm. Then on September 11, 2001, the world changed. I, like many, started questioning my life's decisions and realized that my life was lacking creativity, color, beauty, and happiness.

I went inside myself, listened to my heart, and discovered that 15-year-old dream was waiting to be unearthed. I knew I needed a change and started to focus on my dream.

Before I knew it, my vision of Urban Details had materialized. One and a half years later after exhaustive research, planning, strategizing, and networking I left Wall Street behind and embarked on making my dream a reality. On October 25, 2003 the doors to Urban Details opened and I began living my dream!

I loved living my dream especially working with customers, designers and selecting products, however, I began feeling my life was passing me by, due to the required hours at the store. I again went inside myself and listened to my heart. On September 25, 2015 after 12 successful years, I closed my storefront. I was true to my heart in closing, but unsure of my next step.

David’s Story

David is a Collision Advisor at a large facility in New Jersey. He was completely supportive of my decision to follow my dream and leave the corporate world, as well as closing the store to pursue my next chapter (even if he didn’t truly understand).

On days when I doubted myself, he said, "The shop was great, this next chapter is going to be even better!" It is through his strength, love, and encouragement that I am able to pursue my dreams so fully. He is an integral part of Urban Details, and created the tag line "for the HOME and SOUL" knowing I wanted a sense of spirituality to resonate throughout.

When he can, he attends trade shows with me. He is a great sounding board and has an extremely creative eye. David is my true soul mate and without his support and encouragement, Urban Details would not exist.

Urban Details, The Store

Anyone who walked through the doors of Urban Details in Spring Lake, NJ knew there was something special about this boutique…something magical…the energy of Urban Details was uplifting.

Many customers over the years had said this was their Zen place because it had such good energy that could be felt. That wasn’t a coincidence. The vision and mission were thoughtfully created and the result was a welcoming friendly sacred space filled with uniquely beautiful gifts, pleasing aromatic scents and music with a familiar beat. I set out to create a beautiful boutique of choice, for customers and designers alike, and it was very successful.

Over the years, we won several awards for favorite gift boutique. Six months after closing, the magic of Urban Details remained inside me. I wondered if I could translate this magic into an online experience, including heightened personal touch and customer service contrary to what is typically found on other e-commerce sites.

The Next Chapter

Urban Details is now an online boutique offering beautiful uncommon gifts and:

  • an owner who stands by the quality and integrity of each product sold.
  • an understanding that people are still looking for a personal touch when shopping.
  • a business that understands the customers’ desire for connection through meaningful gifts; while meeting the needs of their busy schedules.
  • a website that is easy to navigate, welcoming, genuine, authentic, informative and fun.
  • a variety of beautiful gifts that are not saturated throughout the marketplace.
  • a truly exceptional customer service experience.

Urban Details is a lifestyle brand where in addition to beautiful gifts, we are building a community of like-minded people where best practices for healthy living will be shared. This will foster a feeling of safety and honesty.

Even though it’s an online business, the site is a haven for customers because of the uniqueness, authenticity, and product information describing what makes them special and why they were selected.

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